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He placed Israel at the center of the Gentile nations as a light to those outside the covenant with Abraham Gen.

God's Plan for Jews and Gentiles

Our Lord also promised a day when the kings of the other nations would bring their resources into His kingdom and render Him service — For the apostle, mystery typically refers not to something unintelligible but rather to a truth that was dimly revealed in the Old Testament such that it was not grasped until the coming of the Spirit in the new covenant. They perpetuated old divisions, giving uncircumcised Gentile believers a lower status than the circumcised. We receive individuals as full communing members in the local church based not on their ethnic background, income, social status, or any other category.

Instead, all those who put their faith in Christ become full heirs of all the promises of God.

Isaiah 56 NKJV - Salvation for the Gentiles - Thus says - Bible Gateway

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Just do some homework and you will see that all the scriptures given above are not precepts just random scripts with no true understanding. Now the last script is Jer in which the Most High made a covenant only with Israel and Judah not spiritual Israelites because there is no such thing.

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Now if you don't believe he is talking about Israelite strangers, Israelite gentiles, here is a bonus. Amos lets us know that Israel is in every nation but he will keep track of each on of us. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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    Did the Ancient Gentiles Have the Hope of Salvation?

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    YES , there are! Malachi Romans These are different wordings of Psalm , Deuteronomy , Psalm , and Isaiah I haven't looked up the context for each verse yet, but aren't most of these dealing with prophecy pointing towards the future when all Christians are meeting God in Heaven? In which case, couldn't the people from all nations only be added after Christ and only Jews from before Christ?

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    The Salvation Message to the Gentiles (Acts 10:24-48)

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