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As a follow-up to that exercise, there are now mailers on health and safety that go out to employees. Going online has helped maximize our cross-location engagement.

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The key challenge for us is how do we keep engaging employees? Engagement activities: There are multiple events planned throughout the calendar year that aim at enabling employees to balance professional and personal priorities.

H. Serhan Süzer - How Can Mankind Restore the Balance In Nature and Secure Its Future?

Listening to employee voice: Given the nature of the business, the focus is on the individual contribution and often the sales workforce is not connected to the employee business. As part of the quarterly business review town hall meetings, apart from business insights, there is an open house session for about half an hour, where employees ask questions and share their perspectives on anything related to the company.

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  4. There is a distinction between the expectations of an intergenerational workforce; we ensure that we capture the perspectives of all our employees. Younger employees or Digital Natives are extremely enthusiastic about any new activity that we undertake, so they play an important role in the design, conceptualization, and execution of our engagement activities. It is not a surprise that the shelf-life of an engagement exercise is very less.

    It is the job of the HR to identify innovative new formats and programs and keep engaging employees. As told to J.

    Build a world in your eyes with a balance of nature and mankind

    Jerry Moses and Rhucha Kulkarni. Did you find this story helpful? Here's how the company aligned its key activities to keep employees engaged. Meeting-cum-event: Two to three times a year, a half-day event is designed in a manner where a couple of hours are dedicated to team-building activities or town hall discussions and the rest of the evening is an informal gathering with family members. These include performances by celebrities and other fun filled games.

    These activities enable employees to break free from the monotony of office work. Excursion tours: These tours are annual organization-wide initiatives that are linked to performance. Employees get to travel to local, national and international destinations.

    Mankind Pharma Work-Life Balance reviews: Sales Representative in India

    Happier Hour: Deaths relating to alcohol and drug addiction are statistically higher among men. So, ShortList have introduced a series of just-after-work event and talks that separate Happy Hour from alcohol, encouraging men to get away from their meetings and obligations and rediscover music, comedy and acting. Mind The Grind: A challenge to the destructive macho culture of late working and out-of-hours emailing. ShortList will bring employers across Britain on board who will reset the unhealthy working practises, turning the ride on the stress-as-a-badge-of-price workplace.

    The Mankind initiative feels both a logical progression and entirely right for the conversation about men and masculinity happening right now.

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    And now, I want our readers to feel a similar sense of freedom in their own lives. Men need no longer be defined by the restrictive norms that have proved so damaging. The ManKind campaign, of which I am already immensely proud, will provide our audience with brilliant features which celebrate all the ways that masculinity can manifest itself in From our first Pride issue and pieces that deal with suicide, to our commitment to helping guys maintain a healthy work-life balance, ManKind is all about exploring and redefining what it is to be a man in this wonderful, occasionally baffling age.

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