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July Poll What do you do with the dust jacket from a hardcover book? How much of the book is from your own experience? The power of finding faith in God and forgiveness for those around us were from my own experience, and certainly so were the sense of the importance of parenthood and the need for closeness and the support of extended family. Happily, a lot of the family problems in the book were fictional. The members of my family are an understanding lot, and we have never suffered the pain of being estranged from one another, though we have often lived at opposite corners of the country, which can create some of the same loneliness and longings.

Your book deals with so many important themes. Which ones do you hope will generate the most discussion? I think some of the more nebulous themes are the importance of family, the need for forgiveness, and the value of faith. Some of the more concrete themes include the question of motherhood versus career, the notion of quality time versus quantity time with loved ones, the duty to care for one another, especially the elderly, and the difficulty of deciding how best to care for elderly parents and grandparents.

Secondary themes include the importance of active fathers, the materialistic focus of society, the needs of disadvantaged children, and the loss of the family homestead. What do you see as the most important secondary themes in the book? My grandmother had a lot to say about that.

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The importance of community is an inescapable theme in the book. Human beings are basically tribal animals, and I think that these days a lot of us are missing a tribe.

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Where are you personally at this stage of your life? Well, I am the mother of two young sons who keep me running and keep me laughing. I wanted girls. I got boys. I never dreamed that boys could be so wonderful. But that is another story. My husband and I live on a small ranch in the Texas hill country—a beautiful area filled with rugged vistas, ancient trees, and a strong sense of the past.

We are avid horse people and spend a great deal of our spare time in various equine pursuits.

Meet Lisa Wingate, author of "Tending Roses"

We think we may have watched too many cowboy movies when we were young. My older brother, Brandon, taught me how to read and write before I started kindergarten. I wrote and illustrated my first book at five years old and have never stopped writing.

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I had a very special first-grade teacher, who recognized a little ability and a lot of desire in a small, shy transfer student and started reading my stories to the class. I quickly discovered the joy of having an audience and set out on many, many writing projects, with childhood dreams of one day being published. After college, I took a job as a technical writer and continued writing and selling freelance projects on the side. Over the years, I have published various fiction and nonfiction titles, and have written more computer manuals than I can count.

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Fiction has always been my first love, particularly anything with a sense of history and triumph of the human spirit. What things inspire you? People inspire me. God inspires me. Love inspires me. I think most of us are stronger than we know, capable of more than we have ever imagined.

I like to write about people forgetting the destination and enjoying the journey. Are you working on another book now? I am working on another novel that combines fiction with true stories and a sense of the past. The themes are in some ways similar to Tending Roses and in some ways different.

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Just as no two people are the same, no two characters are the same, and no two stories the same. Which is what makes life interesting, and fiction fun, and keeps writers writing. Share: Share on Facebook.

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Add to Cart. How do the various characters in Tending Roses care for each other? Do you agree that we are all called to do so? Are we as obliged to care for people outside our families as we are for immediate family members? In your own life, how are you heeding or not heeding that call? The wildflower journal continues to make mysterious appearances throughout the novel. Do you think Grandma deliberately leaves the book for Kate to read? Why does she choose to convey her advice in this way rather than verbally?