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You might scale one of the large sand dunes for sensational views of the surrounding area. This is the perfect chance to snap some unbelievable pictures. Wadi Rum is a truly beautiful place, where great gouts of rock on a carpet of bright red sand have been eroded into fantastical gnarled shapes. Explore the distinctive rock formations and soak in the vast silence of this lunar-like landscape.

Wadi Rum is probably best known for its connection with the enigmatic British officer T. Lawrence, who was based here during the Great Arab Revolt of Notes: Please make sure you have appropriate, sturdy, comfortable footwear for this trek. Day 4: Petra. The visitor's centre here is also a great spot to buy some jewellery and handicrafts, mostly made by a women's co-operative that is aimed at supporting traditional local industries. You will then continue your journey to the fabled city of Petra approximately 2 hours by private van. The site remained unknown to the Western world until , when it was discovered by Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, a Swiss explorer.

It was once described as 'a rose-red city half as old as time' in a sonnet by John William Burgon and UNESCO has described it as 'one of the most precious cultural properties of man's cultural heritage. So you know you are in for an amazing experience here. Spend the afternoon of Day 11 on Guided Tour of Petra. Day 5: Petra.

Enjoy a free day of self-discovery as you explore Petra on your own.

Is this trip right for you?

The site is surprisingly big, and you can explore the old Roman road, temples and several old tombs, as well as the rock-hewn amphitheater. For those with the energy, there's the challenging but highly rewarding walk up the steps to the stunning Monastery approximately 1 hour.

Day 6: Madaba. Travel the King's Highway to the historic crusader castle of Kerak, which stands on a cliff commandingly overlooking Wadi Karak and the Dead Sea in the distance approximately 2. Pack your swim gear as next you can wash off the dust from exploring with a dip like no other. Drive to the shores of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth metres below sea level. Spend some time relaxing here and get some classic floating pictures. The mud here is supposed to have healing properties, so why not cover yourself from head to toe for a nutrient-rich natural mineral mud bath.

Towels are available for hire. Explore this sanctuary and view the remarkable mosaics of the 4th-century church. Thirty minutes down the road is the historical town of Madaba, famous for its Ottoman-style houses and beautiful Byzantine-era mosaics, including the famous 6th-century mosaic map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land at St George's Church. Other mosaic masterpieces found within churches and the Archaeological Museum depict a rampant profusion of flora and fauna, as well as scenes from mythology and daily life.

Today you will leave Madaba for a short drive north approximately 75 minutes to Jerash, once one of the grandest ancient Roman cities in the world. These are some of the best preserved Greco-Roman ruins around. The city thrived due to its position on the route of the spice and incenses trade, and it reached its zenith as a favourite of the emperor Hadrian around AD The ancient walled town that survives today is a remarkable evocation of life years ago. It has a striking collection of archways and theatres, baths, public buildings and colonnaded streets, and is a beautiful place to spend a day exploring.

Grand ionic columns encircle the city's centrepiece, the Oval Plaza, a wonderfully atmospheric place to linger after uncovering Jerash's riches. Day 8: Jerusalem.

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This morning we farewell Jordan and make the hour journey to the Alenby Bridge Crossing for your onwards journey to Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Your Tour Leader will escort you to the crossing and provide you with instructions for the border officials. Once you have cleared the border there will be a representative to escort you to your hotel in Jerusalem.

Your arrival at the hotel should be just in time for lunch and the rest of your day is free to explore Jerusalem. We recommend checking out the range of tours on offer from Urban Adventures. There will be a meeting this evening at 6. Day 9: Jerusalem. We will explore the Old City this morning on foot. We will start with the Courtyard of the Dome and the Wailing Wall — the remains of the Temple Mount, which acts as an outdoor synagogue, where written prayers are slid into the cracks between stones.

Then continue along the Via Dolorosa starting at St. Anne and the Pool of Bethesda. Now located in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem, this pool was mentioned in the Gospel of John and associated with healing. Sip tea, sample fresh local bread and then walk through the Christian Quarter up to Jaffa Gate for a lunch break.

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That afternoon, get another perspective on modern day life in Jerusalem with a local Israeli guide. Your walking tour of West Jerusalem will see you stroll through Yemin Moshe; a historic neighborhood of old stone buildings built in response to overcrowding within the Old City. This abandoned old building was turned into a public art space by a local artists co-operative. While here you'll learn about the artists in residence program. We recommend grabbing a beer in one of the many laneway bars to watch the market come to life in the evening, or go for a wander to check out the amazing graffiti popping up on shop shutters.

Day Jerusalem. Start the day off with a panoramic view of the city. See the Church of All Nations also known as the Basilica of the Agony , which holds inside a section of bedrock where Jesus is said to have prayed before his arrest. Drive the short distance out to Bethlehem and take a Graffiti walking tour along the wall. Graffiti has filled the walls in Bethlehem by many artists over the years, including British Artist; Banksy.

Hear the personal stories behind some of the more prominent pieces. The tour takes you past one of the largest refugee camps in the West Bank and previous conflict hot spots.

Jordan Hotels and Places to Stay

Continue on to Manger square to sample Bethlehem's famous Falafel. Then visit the Church of the Nativity, marking the spot of the stable where Mary is said to have given birth to Jesus. The facility includes a research facility, art gallery, education department, archive, and numerous moving memorials. After a fascinating day, retire to your Jerusalem hotel.

This morning drive out to the spectacular cliff-top fortress of Masada. On the way we stop at the 6th century cliff-side Monastery of St.

Best of Jordan & Israel

George of Koziba in the desert Deir El Qelt and see the massive church built into the mountains. Rather than surrender, they either fought to the death or committed suicide, every last man, woman and child. Drive around 30 minutes to the shores of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth metres below sea level. The mud here is supposed to have healing properties and so why not cover yourself from head to toe for a nutrient-rich natural mineral mud bath.

Return to Jerusalem for the evening. Day Nazareth. Travel to the western shores of the Sea of Galilee today and Tiberias — established all the way back in AD The old hunting lodge has one of the most beautiful and elaborately decorated mosaic floors in the world. Continue on via the Jordan Valley and visit the ancient fishing village of Capernaum — see the ruins of this old town, the site of two ancient synagogues and a church said to have been the home of Saint Peter.

Here we have the unique opportunity stay in a simple but beautiful convent established by nuns who arrived from France in the mid 19th century. Leave early this morning and drive to the ancient crusader port of Acre Akko in Hebrew approximately 45 minutes. You will also see the secret tunnel of their rivals, the Knights Templar — an underground passage between their fortresses. Continue on to Rosh Hanikra where we take a cable car up the cliff face to view the spectacular grottoes.

On the way back to Nazareth make a stop at the Church of the Annunciation. This is the site of where Mary received the news of the Immaculate Conception, along with the well where she drew water every day. You will overnight in Nazareth. Day Tel Aviv. After breakfast, journey to Tel Aviv via the coast and Caesarea approximately 1 hour , which served as the capital of Israel during the Roman and Byzantine eras.

This was once a great port town built by King Herod around 25BC, complete with a theatre, amphitheatre, hippodrome, palace, Roman temple and an extensive network of aqueducts, along with an artificial harbour. The city was eventually abandoned and lost under the desert sands, but thanks to archaeological excavations since the s, its splendour is on show once again. Drop by the ancient port city of Jaffa approximately 1 hour before arriving in Tel Aviv. With its lively cafe culture, relaxed Mediterranean beach scene, and renowned nightlife, Tel Aviv is a great place to spend your last trip night.

Perhaps gather together you fellow travellers and take advantage of the excellent food and nightlife with a final celebratory dinner or drink as this Israel and Palestine adventure comes to an end. You may want to avoid getting a Jordanian multiple-entry visa from the latter, however, if you intend to travel elsewhere in the region because many Arab countries refuse entry to those who have Israeli stamps or documentation in their passports. In Amman and Aqaba visas can easily be extended, for a charge of JD40, for stays of up to three months. After assembling the necessary paperwork, it takes about 30 minutes to complete the registration process at a police station.

You may be required to have an HIV test, which usually takes 24 hours to process. The maximum stay allowed on an extended tourist visa is six months. Failure to register results in a fine of JD1.

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  • This is payable when you extend, or on departure from Jordan at a counter just before immigration at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman. It makes sense for most travellers to buy a Jordan Pass www. Ask staff at your hotel to write a short letter confirming where you are staying. Ask them to fill out two copies of a small card or photocopy that states all the hotel details. Take the form, letter, photocopies of the front pages of your passport and the Jordanian visa page, and your passport to the relevant police station.

    Plan to arrive at the police station between 10am and 3pm Saturday to Thursday best to go early. Wait for the extension usually granted on the spot.