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But you can do it. People do it all the time. Singer-songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov can speak to this. In an interview with Inc , he talked about being a farmer, being a musician, and balancing the two parts of his professional career.

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Your happiness and your comfort level is worth a lot. And when your happiness is the most important thing, you may give up the chance to get more money or fame in order to stick with what makes you the happiest. Not only do you need to have some sort of financial plan in place, but you also should consider how your relationship with music may change. So before you quit your day job, just ask yourself: can I make the finances work? And am I okay with music becoming my everyday job? Ladies Who Launch. Victoria Colligan. Kimberly Seals-Allers. Innovation You. Jeff DeGraff. Shafiq Jasar.

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Are you ready to quit your day job and do music full time?

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Diversify your skills

Splitting yourself between multiple career paths is often detrimental to succeeding in any of them. A post shared by True Strength Is Build. By quitting your day job you should feel much more inspired to create music. You will no longer have to split your focus and will be able to give your career the attention it really deserves. Creativity requires an unclouded mind, it requires being focused on the task at hand and giving it your full attention. Your decision will be based primarily on your financial situation, but also on the current state of your music career.

The more financially stable you are, the better the time to quit your day job and focus on music. This is simply because the more money you have saved, the longer you will have to keep yourself afloat before making a suitable income from music. You may also decide to quit your day job if a big opportunity comes your way in the music industry. This could be a record deal with a reputable label. Be careful not to rush your decision and consider all factors when thinking things through.

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